In recent years, the problems of environmental pollution and resource depletion on a global scale have become more serious
  and the following are important for automobiles.

   I. Reduction of hazardous emissions
  U. Improvement of thermal efficiency (improvement of fuel consumption rate)
  V. Development of a model that controls traffic flow using V2X

  Floating particulate matter SPM, including PM2.5, which is gaining increasing interest, is attracting attention,
  and the current situation is that automobile exhaust gas regulations are becoming stricter year by year.
  In addition, we are conducting experiments and numerical analysis in a wide range of fields
  such as HCCI engines, rotary engines,

  research on supercharging technology supporting downsizing etc, in cooperation not only with universities
  but also with enterprises.

  In our laboratory, we are conducting research to minimize the use of energy by automobiles
  and to achieve zero emissions of harmful exhaust substances and carbon dioxide emitted from automobiles.

  In addition, we are conducting research in a wide range of fields such as HCCI engine, rotary engine
  and supercharging technology in collaboration with universities and companies.

  Our study